Monday, October 13, 2008

Elle, Kara, James and Tennessee

I spent the first week of October visiting Kara and her sweet family in Tennessee! I had originally hoped to find a decent priced flight between $300-$400, but Shelley clued me in to a promotion where I got a ticket for $150! Yippee - so I bought two! I am going out again in December with Shelley and Noah.

Here is my cute family in Tennessee.

Elle is pulling her funny face!

While we were there we went to the kids museum in Memphis. It was awesome! We took Elle to the Dental Office where she learned all that her daddy is learning in dental school.

She learned how to put teeth in.

She is now professionally qualified to be a dental hygenist!

Her favorite part of the museum was the three year old sized Kroeger's Supermarket.

She had a blast picking out her own food and loading up her very own cart.

It looks so good it's hard to believe it's all plastic.

We had a hard time getting her out of the supermarket without the groceries. She thought she could take them home.

Grammy took her on a Police-Motorcycle ride.

This picture captures the real essence of why Kara wanted to buy this house.
We went to Huey's for lunch.

There's a hole-in-the-wall in downtown Memphis called 'The Barbeque Shop'. Mmm good barbeque! It is tradition that everyone blows a toothpick through their straw to poke it in the ceiling. There are a bagillion toothpicks up there. I got mine in first try!
I made some fun memories with the kids while I was there. Elle had her choice to sleep with Grammy on the blow up matress, or in her own bed. Guess what she chose! (I had fun snuggling with her.)
On one of our long drives I was sitting in the back seat with her. I started dozing off. Every time my eyes would close she would yell out "Grandma!" until I would open them. She didn't care if I was playing with her or not - she just didn't want my eyes to close.
We went to the Memphis Zoo one day (you can see pictures on Kara's blog).
I'm excited to go back in December.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Kelly and I traveled to Boise the last weekend of September. We love visiting our kids! While we were there we went to "The Pumpkin Patch" with little Noah B. It was kind of late, so it was getting dark and the pictures didn't turn out so great. But here they are!

This is a kid sized "hay maze". Noah was leading Grandpa around.

We love it when Megan comes along!

Brad and Shelley posing in the sunset.

And below: it was getting cold, so Megan offered her shawl to Noah. He was such a doll all snuggled up next to Grandpa.

We bought Noah his first pumpkin which he promptly called a "ball" and threw it on the ground.

Below: Shelley had gone to an 80's ball earlier this year and wore this dress - she was taking a picture of Megan wearing it to put on EBay. We decided it was way too cute, and would look good in 2008 as well. Maybe it's just that Meg is such a hottie!