Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The "Mount Vernon" House

Kelly and I are now in the process of building a house for the fifth time. Our houses have been named by our children in order to recognize which home we are talking about.

#1 is our "Springville house"

#2 "Gooding" (the only house we didn't build)
#3 "Lovell Lane"
#4 is "323 West" - or "Dixon's"
- (because they bought it from us),
#5 doesn't officially have a name yet because we haven't been away from it for long enough to call it by any name but "home", but it will probably be "338 West" or "Whitmer's".
The last two were both on Porterville Road, so we can't call either the "Porterville" house. The house under construction I am naming the"Mount Vernon" house. Can you guess why?

Kelly has been doing an amazing job as "General Contractor". He keeps the subs in order and cracks the whip so that every day something is happening! He had them deliver our sheet rock today, and I am expecting it to start going up tomorrow.

A few days ago I took several pictures of the "skeleton" because I knew that after the sheet rock goes up it will be a completely different view.

Our "Great Room"/Kitchen Area. Mmmmm.....lots of good cookin', sittin' around the fireplace, and memory makin'!!

Down the hallway to the bedrooms and staircase.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the main floor. I'll post more pictures as the work progresses.