Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my @#th birthday. I decided that I need to make a birthday commitment to write more regularly in my blog. It's kind of like a New Year's resolution. Only it's a New Age resolution. So if I don't write once a week or more, I want to hear about it from YOU!

So my birthday was a very normal day. When you get to be my age, you don't want to remember all day long how old you are. So I just did the regular. Kelly did twist my arm into taking me to dinner, but he insisted that we stay in Blackfoot. So I had basically one of two choices - Rupes or Homestead. So I chose Homestead which was perfectly fine with me.

A few days ago Kelly asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him "nothing". He recently let me buy plane tickets to go out to see Kara and Elle pretty soon. And then we bought a gorgeous new desk for my office. I figured that was good enough. But later I remembered that I really needed two new bra's. So I told him that was what I wanted for my birthday. He said, "Okay, but will you pick them out!" Ha! So I did. Anyway, I was going to post a picture of my two new bra's, but I figure that even though a teenager might do that, I'm at a little more "mature" age and that wouldn't be appropriate.

But like a sweet and good husband, he brought me flowers!

Here is my new desk. I love it! I kind of feel bad that I have it and that Kelly doesn't. I told him I would share. But hey, he threw away my last desk when we moved and I need it!


Nicolette said...

Happy Birthday to one sexy mamma! I love this post--I think you should've posted the new bras; it's totally appropriate if you're like me and only get a new bra every two years ;) Love you and hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!

Shelley said...

OOO LA LA! I love the new desk! And it's clean?!!! Wowza! :) Nice blog mom. Keep it up! I'll check it more often now that you are going to blog weekly...I haven't been checking because I thought you forgot your blog password or something because you haven't posted forever! ;) Love you.

Shelley said...

and FLOWERS?!! Props Dad! :)