Thursday, January 29, 2009

Overnighter at Grandma's

This past weekend we were at Shelley and Brad's house. We had gone to Boise for Kelly's annual review with his company. When we were getting ready to leave on Saturday morning, Noah kept saying "Bapa", "car". I suggested that we could take Noah home with us, because they would be coming over next weekend. Shelley wouldn't have anything to do with that! I said, "Too bad we don't live closer, and we could meet halfway!" That got her to thinking! "Dad, are you working in Twin Falls this week?" Sure enough, we made a plan to take him until Tuesday morning, and then Kelly would meet her in Twin Falls when he went to work there. His bags were packed and we were gone in about ten minutes!

Well, we really enjoyed having him with us. I didn't get any pictures (sorry). My little camera is lost. But that is no excuse to not take them with my big one. Oh well. But I was amazed at how well he did. Shelley was calling every two hours. But he did just fine. He is really starting to talk. He was putting two words together like "Scout, puppy". He started calling me "Mawmaw". It sounded like a long drawn out mama, but definitely different. We worked on "on" and "off" while he was putting lids and handles on buckets in the bathtub. He slept through the night two out of the three nights he was here. I love it how he loves to hold onto my ear when he goes to sleep. What a cutie! I got him an ice cream cone at Keslers. (Just a tiny bump on a cone) and he had the whole thing downed by the time we got home. He seemed to remember being here. When he saw the Beauty and the Beast tea set, he immediately took it out to the living room coffee table and asked for water. He remembered where Kelly's office is downstairs. And when he saw the deer hanging in Kelly's office he called them "puppies".

I think Brad and Shelley had a great little break. They went up to McCall for a night, and stayed at a Lodge by a lake that we visited when Noah was about two weeks old.

I love being a Grandma!


Aunty Em said...

If you ever need to borrow any more kids to practice your awesome grandma skills, I now where you can get 4 of them. You're awesome!

Aunty Em said...

Hey Penny! What's your email? I tried to email you after your comment on my recent post, but I guess I don't have the right email for ya. let me know, it'll be great to catch up!